CHA6094-QKB: 35-42.5GHz 2W Packaged Power Amplifier

Reference produit
RF Bandwidth (GHz) min-max
 35 - 42.5
Gain (dB)
Sat. Output Power (dBm)
PAE (%)
Bias (mA)
Bias (V)
 The CHA6094-QKB is a GaN packaged monolithic Power Amplifier operating in the 35-42.5GHz frequency range. It typically exhibits 33dBm saturated output power with 26dB small signal gain. The overall power supply is of 25V/150mA. It is designed for a wide range of applications, such as 5G applications, active phased array antennas, and telecom applications and systems. The circuit is available in a standard surface mount 24 leads QFN4x4 cost effective plastic package, compliant with the standards such as the directives RoHS N°2011/65 and REACh N°1907/2006. The input and output are internally matched to 50Ω and integrate ESD RF protection.