Process Modules

UMS is one of the very few European industrial III-V foundry with long-lasting experience on highly demanding development projects.

Standard processing is made on 4-inch GaAs and GaN-on-SiC wafers.

However, many of UMS front-side and back-side process modules can also be manufactured on 3-inch and 6-inch wafers using other types of substrate material, such as Si, InP and other materials.


UMS technologies are qualified for space,

through a close cooperation with the European Space Agency. This comes with a high level of reliability and manufacturing reproducibility.

Frontside process modules:

  • Wet etching, cleaning, lift off
  • Au galvanic
  • Optical stepper lithography
  • Implantation
  • Rapid Thermal Annealing
  • Electron beam exposure
  • Plasma etching
  • Plasma dielectric deposition
  • Metal sputtering
  • Metal evaporation
  • Automatic optical inspection
  • Electrical PCM testing

Backside process modules:

  • Bonding, debonding
  • Grinding
  • Polishing
  • Via hole etching
  • Seed layer PVD
  • Au galvanic with 105 mm liner
  • Wafer etching, cleaning
  • Thin wafer handling
  • Mask aligner lithography