Optoelectronic & sensors / Engineering and Front-End services

Thanks to a deep knowledge in compound semiconductor technologies and industrial processing, UMS brings component engineering and manufacturing solutions to optoelectronic and sensor makers.

As the European leading GaAs and GaN-on-SiC foundry widely recognized for bringing MMIC solutions to the most demanding RF applications, UMS masters advanced semiconductor manufacturing technologies that are applicable to optoelectronics (photodiodes, APDS, laser diodes, VCSELs) and many type of sensors, like Hall sensors. For several years, by leveraging its device engineering and semiconductor Front-End manufacturing expertise, UMS has helped multiple customers in these fields step over barriers to improve process integration, optimize production yields and reduce industrial costs in order to develop and manufacture state-of-the art components.

25 years of excellence in semiconductor foundry Front-End Operations

  • State-of-the-art equipments and tooling
  • Ability to handle 3-inch*, 4-inch and 6-inch* GaAs, SiC, Si* and InP* substrates
  • Ability to address mid to large size industrial needs
  • Versatility in working on various epitaxy material (both UMS own and customers’ epi-material)

*Depending on the technology module

UMS Commitments

  • Quickly understand technical requirements for device definition, process integration, wafer production and yield optimization
  • Engage in close engineering and technical exchanges at every level to drive projects forward
  • Proactively offer effective technical & industrial solutions through a wide process integration experience
  • Be flexible and adapt to specific requirements based on deep physical expertise in III-V devices