Device Engineering and Customized Front-End services

Semiconductor Device Engineering Methodology

First, through close exchanges with customers, UMS focuses on the comprehension of the targeted device: its specification, environment and application, and the associated technical challenges.

Then, UMS identifies the best approach for semiconductor processing, which is the best compromise between semiconductor manufacturability (ideal III-V technology versus performance targets, publication and patent verification,…) and cost-effectiveness.

Once this done, the process integration is defined to meet the product and application requirements.

  • Process flow design
  • Process module development
  • Design of experiment
  • Physical analysis (defect, process, device, …)
  • Layout design or co-design with customers
  • Risk assessment and definition of control plan

Finally, all technical and industrial aspects of the project management and execution are layed out.

  • Project planning
  • Project execution
  • Project cost assessment and monitoring