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UMS constantly innovate and propose new solutions to anticipate market requests. In the frame of our development outcomes, we propose advanced information on circuits prior to their potential release as products.

Your projects will benefit from our latest developments and up-to-date designs.

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15W X-Band High Power Amplifier (AI2006)

UMS develops a two stage High Power Amplifier operating between 7.9 and 11GHz. The CHA8612-QDB typically provides 15W of saturated output power and 37% of Power added Efficiency. The small signal gain exhibits more than 25dB. Moreover, it is proposed in a standard surface mount package. The overall power supply is of 30V/680mA (quiescent current).

The circuit is designed for a wide range of applications, from military to commercial communication systems.

It is developed on a robust 0.25µm gate length GaN on SiC HEMT process and will be available in a standard surface mount 46 leads QFN7x7, compliant with the regulation in particular with the directives RoHS N°2011/65 and REACh N°1907/2006.


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130W Packaged Power Transistor(AI2112)

UMS has developed the CHKA012bSYA, an unmatched packaged Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistor. This power bar offers general purpose and broadband solutions for a variety of RF power applications. It is well suited for multi-purpose applications such as radar and telecommunication.

The CHKA012bSYA is developed on a 0.5µm gate length GaN HEMT process. It requires an external matching circuitry.

The CHKA012bSYA is supplied in an hermetic ceramic-metal flange power package, compliant with the RoHs N°2011/65 and REACH N°1907/2006 directives.


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24GHz 4TX/2RX (AI2017)

UMS proposes a multifunction chip which integrates a low phase noise core VCO, four Tx MPA, two Gilbert based heterodyne Rx and, frequency calibration & loop prescalers. The circuit is fully SPI controlled and monitored with power and temperature sensors. It is designed for signal generation and reception for 24GHz radar applications.


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24GHz 1Tx 4Rx ISM SENSOR (AI2005)

UMS develops a 24GHz 1 Tx 4Rx is a multifunction chip which integrates a low phase noise VCO, Tx MPA, two double balanced mixer based Rx and a switchable prescaler. The circuit is controlled by SPI and monitored with power and temperature sensor. It is designed for signal generation and reception for ISM radar applications.

It is supplied in RoHS compliant SMD package.


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