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At the front end of Data Short Range Communication 5.8GHz TAG/On Board Unit for Electronic Toll collection

15 March - automated payments - data exchange - DSRC - Electronic toll collection - ETC - fuel efficiency - seamless communication - smoother driving - tollbooths - traffic congestion - vehicle information - Product

DSRC (Data Short-Range Communications) is a technology designed to communicate over short distances for applications such as safety and transport efficiency.
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VIDEO: Full release of device packaging service for our GaN technologies

The QFN packaging, which has been available for GaAs technology for several years, is now also available for GaN technology (GH25 & GH15).

14 March - Foundry
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Meet UMS @ MWC

Do you have hashtag MWC2024 on your agenda? If yes, then don’t miss out on the opportunity to schedule a meeting with our expert, Christophe Antoine Tavernier

21 February - Events
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