CHA5618-99F, 6-18GHz Power Amplifier

Reference produit
RF Bandwidth (GHz) min-max
 6 - 18
Bias (mA)
Bias (V)
Gain (dB)
IP3 (dBm)
P-1dB OUT (dBm)
Sat. Output Power (dBm)
 The CHA5618-99F is a monolithic GaN Driver Amplifier in the frequency band 6-18GHz with a control interface for speed switching. This driver provides 28dBm of Output Power. The circuit exhibits a small signal gain of 22dB. The overall power supply is of 20V/150mA (quiescent current). It is designed for a wide range of applications, for military systems, such as electronic warfare, and test instrumentation. The part is manufactured on robust GaN HEMT technology and is available as a bare die.