CHU3377-98F - W-band Multifunction: Multiplier / MPA

Output Bandwidth (GHz) min-max
 76 - 77
Output Power (dBm)


The CHU3377-98F is a W-band monolithic multifunction, which integrates an input buffer, a frequency multiplier by three followed by an amplifier splitter and two W-band chains in parallel combined at the output. Each W-band chain includes a frequency multiplier and a medium power amplifier. The frequency multipliers are based on active transistors and allow operation at low input level with reduced power consumption.

All the active devices are internally self-biased to ease bias configuration. This chip is compatible with automatic equipment for assembly.

The circuit is manufactured with the pHEMT process: 0.15µm gate length, via holes through the substrate, air bridges and electron beam gate lithography.

It is available in chip form.