CHU2277a98F - W-band Multifunction: Multiplier / MPA

Output Bandwidth (GHz) min-max
 76 - 77
Output Power (dBm)

The CHU2277a98F is a W-band monolithic multifunction which integrates a frequency multiplier, a four-stage amplifier and a power divider. The frequency multiplier is based on an active transistor and allows operating at low input level with reduced power consumption. This chip provides two outputs at 77GHz, the main one is for the transmission path and the auxiliary one for the receiving mixer(s) LO signal. All the active devices are internally self-biased. This chip is compatible with automatic equipment for assembly.

The circuit is manufactured with the P-HEMT process: 0.15µm gate length, via holes through the substrate, air bridges and electron beam gate lithography.

It is available in chip form.