CHA8254-99F - 10W K-Band Doherty Power Amplifier

Gain (dB)
PAE (%)
 31 @ Pin 20dBm
Sat. Output Power (dBm)

The CHA8254-99F is a three-stage GaN Doherty Power Amplifier in the frequency band 17.3 20.3GHz. This DPA typically provides 10W of output power associated to 31% of Power Added Efficiency. Thanks to Doherty architecture, it also provides 27% Power Added Efficiency at 6dB of input back-off. The small signal gain reaches more than 29dB. The overall power supply is 15V/225mA (quiescent current). Thanks to a low drain voltage biasing, the CHA8254-99F provides a junction temperature below 160°C even in saturation.

This circuit is a very versatile amplifier for high performance systems.

The circuit is firstly dedicated to space applications and well suited for a wide range of microwave applications and systems.

The part is developed on a robust 0.15µm gate length GaN on SiC HEMT process and is available as a bare die.