CHA7063-QCB 5W Power Amplifier

Reference produit
RF Bandwidth (GHz) min-max
 12.7 - 20
Gain (dB)
P-1dB OUT (dBm)
Sat. Output Power (dBm)
Bias (mA)
Bias (V)
 QFN Plastic package
 The CHA7063-QCB is a GaN packaged monolithic Power Amplifier operating between 12.7 and 20GHz and providing typically 5W of saturated output power associated with 17% of Power Added Efficiency. The amplifier exhibits a typical linear gain of 20dB at a DC power supply of 20V/216mA. It is dedicated to a wide range of applications, such as Point To Point Radio and VSAT applications. The circuit is manufactured on a robust GaN-on-SiC HEMT process and is available in a standard surface mount 28 leads QFN 5x5 plastic package compliant with the standards such as the directives RoHS N°2011/65 and REACh N°1907/2006. The input and output are internally matched to 50Ω and integrate ESD RF protection.