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Live demonstration @IMS 2022 Denver, Co USA

June 21, 22 & 23 Booth #4120

5G Energy efficient
hybrid GaN-FDSOI Technology solutions

UMS connects with 5G @ IMS denver
UMS & eV-T

UMS & eV-T are pleased to invite you to attend a dedicated 5G live demonstration using UMS 5G Front-End CHC6054-QQA where we will show key building blocks working together to invent environmental friendly CPE & BTS for 5G mmw Fixed Wireless Access.

Session 1 : Tuesday 21st June 10-11am

Session 2 : Tuesday 21st June 2-3pm

Session 3 : Wednesday 22nd June 1-2pm

Session 4 : Thursday 23rd June 10-11am

Session 5 : Thursday 23rd June 2-3pm


The CHC6054-QQA is a High Power Frond-End (HPFE) featuring Transmit and Receive paths combined with In/Out Switch. This circuit operates in the 24.25-30.5GHz bandwidth. It is specially designed for telecommunication radio links. It typically exhibits a Receiver gain of 18dB with a low Noise Figure of 3.2dB, a Transmit gain of 28dB with 31dBm Saturated Output Power. It features good linearity with an ACPR of 36dBc @23dBm average Pout with 56MHz modulation bandwidth and 4QAM. On 24, 26 and 28GHz band, EVM is better than 3.5% at Channel Spacing = 56 or 112MHz and 4/16/64/128/256 and 1024QAM.


Presenters :

Jacques B. Sombrin (eV-T) : is the architect of correlation-based EVM technology solutions for FPGA and ASIC implementations in eV-Technologies RF Correlator modules. He is an IEEE Life member and a SEE Senior Member.  He received the EuMA Career award in 2015.Sidina Wane (eV-T) : He is the CEO and founder of eV-Technologies pioneering correlation technologies for the development of disruptive energy-efficient IoT and RF/Optics products.

Elodie Richard (UMS) :  is currently Microwave Circuit Design and Technology Engineer working on advanced product development of MMIC devices based on GaN technology. She is now deeply involved in new architectures of High Efficiency & Linear Power Amplifiers for Telecommunications.

Eric Leclerc (UMS) :  is presently the Field Marketing manager within the UMS organization mainly for Defence, Space, Medical applications and foundry services.

Jesse Riedl (UMS) : is  a Package Development Engineer where he works on high-reliability and high-performance packaging technologies and solutions for different application fields: automotive, telecommunication, space and defense.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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