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A new power amplifier was born: the CHA5618-99F.

Please welcome the latest addition to the UMS power amplifier family, the CHA5618-99F

This new monolithic GaN Driver Amplifier operates in the frequency band 6-18GHz with control interface for speed switching.
The CHA5618-99F provides 28dBm output power and exhibits a small signal gain of 22dB.

It exhibits interesting performances, such as :

  •  Broadband performances: 6-18GHz
  • Linear Gain: 22dB
  •  Pout = 28dBm for +12dBm
  •  Id associated current = 300mA
  •  DC bias: Vd=20V @Idq = 150mA
  •  2.6x3.0 mm²

Contact us at if you want to learn more about the key characteristics, technical performance and applications.

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