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Webinar with NI-AWR

On the 15th of May, NI-AWR organized a webinar on “GaN on SiC PA, LNA and switch design.



The purpose was to present GaN on Silicon Carbide (SiC) advantages such as high performance and high power density for telecom and aerospace/defense applications. UMS presented the UMS GH25 4’’ technology and its PDKs. This process enables the design of drivers, High Power Amplifiers and LNA’s up to 20 GHz for systems requiring:

  • high power-added efficiency (PAE)
  • linearity for communication systems where signal quality is critical.

The UMS GaN process design kits (PDKs) for Microwave Office software provides designers with a comprehensive library of on-chip components that includes layout details, electrical scalable electro-thermal models, switch and diode models as well as stack definition for 3D view generation and EM simulation of passive components.

After registration, you can watch the webinar on the NI-AWR website @ NI-AWR gan-sic-025-mm-process-pa-lna-and-switch-design webinar

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