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UMS new 4” GaN GH50_20 technology under space evaluation with ESA

In early 2016, UMS started a space evaluation and capability approval program for its new 4” GH50-20 technology.


It was financed by the European Space Agency (ESA) under the ECI-4 program. The 4” AlGaN/GaN 0.5µm power transistor technology replaces the previous 3-inch version and is suited for power applications up to C-Band.


A full space evaluation of the GH50-20 technology is being undertaken including various reliability, lifetime and radiation tests. The final objective is to enter this technology into the EPPL (European Preferred Parts List). This program also includes an activity to carry out the capability approval of power transistor products.


UMS with its partners TESAT and RHe evaluate hermetically packaged 15W to 100W power transistors. This will allow the use of European GaN hermetically packaged components in future space programs.





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