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CHA3024 UMS LNA in hermetic package

The CHA3024-FDB is proposed in a 7x7mm2 hermetic metal ceramic package (FDB – SMD type).


This circuit is a wideband 2-22GHz Low Noise Amplifier. It exhibits more than 30dB dynamic  AGC (Adjustable Gain Control) and only 3dB noise figure with a max linear gain of 15dB and a P-1dB of 18dBm.

It is designed for S, C, X, Ku Band Satcom and Radar for hi-rel and on-board applications. UMS also proposes the CHA3024 in a cost effective QFN package for Test & Measument and new space applications..



The circuit is manufactured on a UMS proprietary 0.15µm gate length  pHEMT process.

The FDB package is supported by the Application Note AN0029 which details all necessary information on Surface Mount Hermetic Package FDB type.

Product features

  • 2-22GHz wideband LNA
  • 7x7mm2 hermetic metal ceramic package
  • Up to 30dB AGC (Adjustable Gain Control)
  • Max Linear Gain: 15dB
  • P-1dB: 18dBm
  • Psat:  22dBm
  • NF: 3dB (at 22GHz)
  • DC bias: 100mA @ 5V, Vg1 = -0.3V, Vg2 = 1.7V
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