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The CHC2442-QPG a fully integrated transceiver

UMS introduce a state of the art fully integrated 24GHz transceiver solution for industrial sensor & automotive applications.



The CHC2442-QPG is designed for signal generaion and dual reception for automotive radar applications and industrial sensors in the 24GHz ISM band.


This circuit offers leading edge performance and integrates a low phase noise VCO, Tx MPA, dual Rx and a switchable prescaler. It features a serial control interface and power and temperature monitors. The CHC2442-QPG is available in QFN plastic package.


The high level of integration and state of the art performance make this product a unique solution for industrial sensor and automotive markets.




Main features:

Frequency range: 24-24.5GHz
Max Tx Power: >13dBm
Tx Power control range: 12dB
Rx gain: 37dB
Rx gain control range: 24dB
Max RF gain: 11dB Rx SSB NF @ IF≥100kHz
IP1dB RF power @ min RF VGA gain:  -16dBm
Temperature range:  From -40°C to +125°C
DC bias: 3.3V / 205-225mA @ Pout @ stage 8-0
Package: 28L-QFN4X5 SMD package



The CHC2442 is qualified to AEC-Q-100.





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