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The CHA8612-QDB a new state-of-the-art X-Band QFN plastic packaged HPA

Designed for your Communication systems and radar applications


The CHA8612-QDB is a X-Band 7.9-11GHz new HPA designed by UMS to serve our  commercial and defense communications systems and your radar applications.




This product features a high output power of 15W and a high PAE of 37% @ Pin 26dBm. It exhibits a high gain of 26dB. It is proposed in a 46 Leads 7x7mm QFN plastic package.



It is designed on a UMS proprietary 0.25µm GaN technology.

Main characteristics:

  • Frequency band: 7.9-11GHz
  • Output Power: >15W
  • PAE: 37% @ Pin 26dBm
  • Gain: 26dB
  • Input Return Loss: 8dB
  • Output Return Loss: 10dB
  • QFN Packaged 7x7mm 46 Leads
  • DC bias: 30V@680MamA
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