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A new space evaluation for an UMS product

The CHA5350-99F MPA is space evaluated


UMS is pleased to announce that the 4 stage Medium Power Amplifier, CHA5350-99F, has been successfully space evaluated by ESA and is now part of the EPPL list (European Preferred Part List). This circuit is designed for a wide range of applications from professional to commercial communication systems.


You will find below a short summary of the product technical features:



Main features:

Frequency range 17-24GHz
P-1dB:  26.5dBm
PAE@1dB comp:  25%
OIP3 freq. range 17-21GHz 35.5dBm
OIP3 freq. range 21-24GHz 34dBm
Gain 26dB
LO input power 5dBm
DC bias  6V@300mA
Chip size: 2.38×1.46×0.07mm





The circuit is manufactured on a 0.15µ pHEMT power process.












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