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RF Front End and ISM sensors for Industrial applications

UMS introduce a range of RF & millimeter sensor integrated solutions for industrial applications



  • From single functions to fully integrated Tx/Rx functions.
  • In high volume production.
  • Easy to use for various system implementations.

UAV systems: With high performance and low consumption, the UMS integrated multi-channel Tx/Rx component CHC2442-QPG is the ideal solution.

Tank level sensors:, 2 solutions are available according to system requirements either 77GHz MMICs (higher accuracy) or 24GHz packaged MMICs (high robustness).

Security detectors: The CHC2242-QPG offers the utmost integrated solution.

Car radar sensors: From single functions LNA, SWITCH, VCO to multi channel Tx/Rx, UMS offers a complete family of proven car radar solutions.

Road traffic systems: The CHR2270-QRG is a reflective transponder for short and medium range automotive communication (DSRC), Electronic Traffic Control (ETC) and Identification transponders. This product features a very low power consumption increasing battery life time beyond 5 years.

You will see below the detailed UMS offer for 5.8, 24 and 77GHz RF sensors.

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