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UMS new range of packaged transistors

3 packaged transistors for space and other demanding applications.

UMS introduces no fewer than three new packaged transistors. The CHKA012bSYA, the CHK-8101-SYC and the CHA8201-SYA. These product are packaged in hermetic ceramic metal flange package, and dedicated to space applications.


The CHKA12bSYA is an unmatched High Power GaN transistor. This power bar covers from DC to up 6GHz. It exhibits a high power of 130W with an excellent PAE of 58%. Its consumption remains low with 50V @ 640mA; It can be used in CW or Pulsed mode. It’s associated gain @ max PAE is of 16dB @1.3GHz

The CHKA012bSYA is designed on a UMS GaN 0.5µm proprietary technology

This circuit is proposed in an hermetic metal ceramic flanged package which makes it an excellent solution not only for telecommunication and radar for space but also for all applications requiring hermetic solutions


UMS CHKA012bSYA output power (dBm) against input power (dBm) figure
UMS,CHKA012bSYA packaged transistor Gain against Input Power in dBm

Main characteristics:

– Wide Band Capability: Up to 6GHz

– High Psat: 130W

– High Power Added Efficiency: 58%@1.3GHz

– Pulsed and CW operating modes

– DC Bias: 50V @ ID_Q=640mA

– MTTF >106 hours @ Tj =200°C

– Associated Gain @ Max PAE: 16dB@1.3GHz

– Hermetic ceramic metal flanged power Package

CHK 8101-SYC

The CHK 8101-SYC is an unmatched 15W GaN transistor for RF power applications up to 6GHz with High performance. It is a broadband solution for a variety of RF power applications such as multipurpose, space and telecommunication applications.


This wideband circuit exhibits a high power above 15W and a remarkable efficiency above 64% and a low consumption 50V @ 100mA. It can be used in pulsed and CW operating modes.


The CHK8101-SYC has been designed on UMS 0.5µm space evaluated proprietary GaN  technology. It was the 1st one of a range of space qualified hermetically packaged power transistors.

Maximum gain & stability characteristics of the UMS CHK8101-SYC
Simulated Source and load Impedance for Pout & Pae of the transistor CHK8101-SYC

Main features:

– 15W GaN Power Packaged Transistor

– Wide band capability up to 6GHz

– Pulsed and CW Operating modes

– High Power > 15W

– High Efficiency up to 64%

– Gain: 19dB

– Low Consumption: 50V@100mA

– MTTF >106 hours @ Tj = 200°C

– Hermetic ceramic-metal  flange package


The CHK8201-SYA is a powerful 45W broadband GaN power bar covering DC to 4GHz. The product exhibits an excellent PAE of 55% and a linear gain of 22dB. It shows a consumption of 50V@200mA.

UMS CHK8201-SYC, MSG/MAG vs Frenquency in GHz

– GaN Power in hermetic Ceramic-metal flange package

– Broadband performance: DC-4GHz

– High Psat: 45W

– PAE: 55%

– Small signal Gain: 22dB

– Associated gain at max PAE: 17dB

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