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New PathWave PPH15X Advanced Design System PDK now available !

New features are now available in UMS PPH15X ADS Design Kit.

UMS proposes a new version of the ADS PPH15X Design Kit with an increased number of useful features to support our foundry customers.

The new functions of the UMS ADS PPH15X Design Kit are:


Regarding switch design:

  • Nonlinear model and associated layout pcell for parallel switch topology
  • Nonlinear model and associated layout pcell for series switch topology


Regarding power design:

  • For Noise figure simulation, the noise model now integrated in the non-linear hot-FET model
  • Facilitation of design of chips in plastic-moulded packaging: For Momentum simulations, EM stack with BCB coating is now embedded in the PDK
  • Check and validation of designs before submission to UMS Foundry Service team with direct access to the ADS Desktop LVS (Layout Versus Schematic) tool
  • Compatibility with the Keysight “ETH” thermal simulation tool remains included in this new version


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