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New LNA with Variable Gain Control, the CHA2352-98F

The CHA2352-98F is a 3 stage LNA covering 46 to 52 GHz


The CHA2352-98F exhibits a high Gain of 21dB with 20dB Gain Control and a Low Noise Figure of 3.5dB with a high Output P1dB of 12dBm.

This product features zero gate voltage and is compatible with 3.3V silicon voltage biasing.





The CHA2352-98F is dedicated to 5G 47GHz, SATCOM Q/V band and Test and Measurement applications.

It is designed on a 0.10µm pHEMT UMS proprietary technology.


Main characteristics:

  • Frequency range: 46-52GHz
  • Low Noise figure 3.5dB
  • High Gain : 21dB
  • Gain Control: 20dB
  • OP1dB: 12dBm


  • Input return loss: 13dB
  • Output return loss: 16dB
  • DC Bias: 3V @ 55mA
  • BCB layer protection
  • Chip size: 2x1.2x0.07mm
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