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New GaN wideband capability transistor

The CHKA011aSXA is a 130W unmatched packaged Gallium Nitride Transistor.

This transistor in flange metal ceramic power package can operate up to 1.5GHz and exhibits a very high PAE of 75% and a saturated output power of 150W. It may be used in Pulsed or CW modes.

The CHKA011aSXA has been developed for multi-purpose applications, for example radar and telecommunication.

This product is developed on an in house 0.5µm gate length GaN HEMT process. It requires an external matching network.


Main Features:

  • Frequency range: DC - 1.5GHz
  • Pulsed and CW operating modes
  • • High power: 130W
  • • High efficiency: 75% PAE
  • • Psat: 150W
  • • DC bias: Vd=50V @ Id=640mA
  • • Flange metal ceramic package
  • VDS = 50V, ID_Q=640mA, Pin=32dBm
  • Pulsed mode (25µs, 10%)
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