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GH15 GaN technology is launched

UMS announced the release of its new GaN HEMT 0.15µm technology during the EuMW show in Paris,


GH15 is based on SiC substrate and is well-suited for a wide range of Military, Space and Telecom applications up to 35GHz. It enables the design of high power, high linearity and high PAE products.


This technology exhibits an excellent power density of 3.5W/mm @ 30GHz and a drain supply of 20V.


The GH15 device library  includes a comprehensive set of models of transistors for HPAs, LNAs, switches and Schottky diodes.


Element Typical value
Vt -3.2V
Idss 1.2A/mm
Ids+ 1.4A/mm
Gm 390ms/mm
Ft >35GHz
Fmax >100GHz
MIM Density 175pf/mm2
Metallic resistors 30 and 1000 Ohms/sq
Via-holes Available on 70µm substrate thickness


GH15 includes MIM capacitors, inductors, air bridges, metallic resistors, via through the substrate and two metal layers for interconnections.



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