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Exploit GaAs advantages with UMS EC2612 transistor

EC2612-99F an ideal small transistor for low noise applicationand/or a switch up to very high frequencies.

EC2612-99F blueprintThe EC2612-99F is a very small high frequency transistor exhibiting very high gain and very low noise figure from DC to millimetre wave frequencies.

0.8dB Noise Figure with 12dB associated gain at 18GHz or 1.5dB Noise Figure with 9.5dB associated gain at 40GHz are typical figures of merit.

Such GaAs 0.15µm pHEMT transistor, typically biased at 2 to 3 Volts when used for very low noise amplification, may also be used as a source grounded ideal switch with extremely low parasitics and very wide band capability, the typical pinch-off voltage is -0.7Volt.

This small and compact GaAs transistor is then ideal for many mmwave applications requiring high performance low noise amplification and switching small signals up to very high frequencies.

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