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EuMW 2021 –  London 2-7 April 2022

UMS will actively participate to the EuMW conference in London from the 2nd to the 7th of April with the presentation of papers and through the participation to various workshops and conferences


Saturday 2 April 22

9.00 – 18.20: (WS06 EuMIC/EuMC) – Workshop on Progress and Status of Gallium Nitride Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits

This workshop gives an overview of the progress of important Gallium Nitride MMIC technologies available to the microwave and RF community for frequencies from 400MHz to 200GHz.

  • “Recent Development of GaN Power Technology applied to RF sensors” – UMS (Didier Floriot)

Saturday 2 April 22

9.00 – 18.20: (WS08 EuMC)

Workshop dedicated to GaN Front-End and Back-End Technologies to fulfil microwave circuits and packaging solutions for 5G telecommunications and Satcom applications. This workshop will be chaired by Mr Jaroslav Kovac (Slovak University of Technology) and co-chaired by UMS, Mr Herman Stieglauer (UMS GmbH) and Philippe Fellon (UMS SAS).

  • “GaN/Sic Technology optimisation for 5G applications up to Ka-Band” – UMS GmbH (Daniel Sommer)
  • “39GHz Front End Module on GaN for 5G applications – UMS SAS”  (Mohamed Ayad)

Sunday 3 April

  • 18.30 – Foundry session – UMS SAS (Valeria Brunel)

Monday 4 April


  • EuMC01-3 – “Demonstration of Millimeter-wave SMT Chip Scale Package using Hot-via MMICs and plastic BGA Encapsulation” – UMS SAS (Alexandre Bessemoulin, L. Maréchal, H. Stieglauer, P. Poilvert, P. Auxemery, J.P. Viaud)
  • EuMIC14-3  –  “A 47-50GHz 3W MMIC Power Amplifier Using 100nm GaN Technology” –  UMS SAS (Seifeddine Fakhfakh, Guillaume Callet, Estelle Byk, Laurent Favede, Marc Camiade) UMS GmbH (Aleksandra Malko, Sandra Riedmül­ler, Pierre Denis, Hervé Blanck)

10.40-13.30 (EuMIC15) – Poster Session

  • “Benefits of AIGaN/GaN thermal ROM coupling with industrial non-linear transistor model” –  UMS SAS (Christophe Chang, Laurent Brunel)

13.50-16.40 (EuMIC /EuMC04) – Poster Session

  • (EuMIC/EuMC04-14) “Practical Work for Master2 students: MMIC Distributed Amplifier Design for High Data Rate Receiver on GaAs-UMS technology” – Le Cnam (Catherine Algani), UMS SAS (Eric Leclerc)
  • (EuMIC/EuMC04-03) “Compact GaN RF-Switches for Power Applications” –  UMS SAS (Samira Driad, Charles Teyssandier, Laurent Caillé, Christophe Chang, Laurent Brunel, Benoit Lambert, Valeria Brunel), UMS GmbH (Hermann Stieglauer).


We look forward to meeting you in London.

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