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ESA 8th wide band gap semiconductor and components workshop

The European Space Agency (ESA), CNES, EDA and the DGA are jointly organising the 8th Wide Bandgap Semiconductor and Components workshop (12-13 September 2016) to promote and facilitate information exchange on wide bandgap technologies for microwave, power switching, sensor and other emerging space/defence applications.


Wide bandgap semiconductors such as gallium nitride (GaN), silicon carbide (SiC) and diamond have emerged as some of the most promising materials for future electronic components. They offer significant advantages in terms of power capability, robustness against radiation, high temperature and high frequency operation, optical properties and even low noise capability.


UMS is presenting 2 papers:

  1. UMS GaN HEMT Technologies – Reliability status and perspectives (D. Floriot, B. Lambert)
  2. BIOMASS – status of UMS GaN based flight models (M. Buchta)


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