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E-Band: the UMS solution

UMS is offering a complete E-Band radio chipset solution for high data rate millimeter-wave wireless backhaul and small cells covering both of the 71-76 and 81-86GHz bands.


This chipset offers:

  • Very low noise figure at 3.5dB
  • High transmit gain of 24dB and receive gain of 26dB with possible gain control
  • PA’s with on chip power detector
  • Highly integrated up and down converters with a broadband DC-12GHz I/Q IF
  • Options of a x2 or x3 multipliers to give flexibility on LO generation


Our products have been optimized to provide maximum performance with wire bonding assembly. They are all protected with a final BCB coating.


The chipset includes 5 functions all manufactured on UMS GaAs processes:

  • One Low Noise Amplifier (very low noise / gain control)
  • Two Power Amplifiers (Power detector on-chip / excellent return loss)
  • Two Multipliers (Low consumption)
  • One Down-Converter (highly integrated: LO Buffer & Low Noise Amplifier)
  • One Single side band Up Converter / Image reject Mixer (LO Buffer inside)


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