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CHZ015A-QEG a GaN Quasi-MMIC device in SMD package

The CHZ015A-QEG is a GaN 15W L-Band (1.2-1.4GHz) input matched packaged transistor. It is based on Quasi-MMIC technology.


The circuit operates in pulsed mode and features an output power of 18W with more than 13dB associated gain and a high PAE, up to 55%.


It allows broadband solutions for a variety of RF power applications in L-band. This circuit is particularly well suited for pulsed radar applications.


The CHZ015A-QEG is manufactured on a 0.5µm gate length GaN HEMT process. It is supplied in a low cost SMD package 24L-QFN 4×5.


Main features:

Frequency range: 1.2-1.4GHz
Small signal gain:  19.5dB
Power: >15W
Associated gain: >13dB
PAE: Up to 55%
Saturated drain current: 650mA
DC bias: VDS 45V @ ID_Q 100mA








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