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CHT4660-FAB, a new variable attenuator in hermetic package

The CHT4660-FAB is a wideband 0.5-16GHz variable attenuator in metal ceramic 6x6mm2 SMD hermetic package.


This product features a very good P-1dB of 27dBm and a very high dynamic range of 35dB. For all frequencies and attenuation levels, It exhibits very small temperature performance variation from -40 to +85°C


The CHT4660-FAB is designed for a wide range of applications: Space, Defence and Commercial Communication systems.


The circuit is manufactured on a UMS proprietary very linear MESFET process, 0.7µm gate length.

Main features:

  • Frequency range: 0.5-16GHz
  • P-1dB: 27dBm
  • dynamic range: 35dB
  • Input Return loss: -10dB typical
  • Ouput Return loss: -10dB typical
  • DC bias: -5V<V1<0V, 5V<V2<0V
  • SMD Hermetic package 6x6mm2
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