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CHR2270-QRG a multi-function transponder

The CHR2270-QRG is a reflective transponder operating at 5.8GHz for short and medium range automotive communication (DSRC), Electronic Traffic Control (ETC) and identification transponders


This product is designed using SiGe technology and features a very low power consumption which can result in 5 years battery life.


The CHR2270-QRG features numerous assets:

  • Single RF antenna port for compact systems
  • Integrated high selectivity wake-up
  • Ultra Low Standby current
  • 3V battery bias voltage range
  • Downlink RF input power monitoring
  • Uplink gain control
  • -25°C to +90°C operating temperature range
  • Very good performance over temperature
  • More than 5 years battery life
  • Plastic package (QFN-24)
  • ESD protection.


Three operating modes are implemented:


  1. STANDBY: ultra low current AM detector, providing a wake-up signal (high selectivity system avoiding untimely wake-up) on SB-Out output.
  2. DOWLINK: low current AM detector, with optimized IF bandwidth.
  3. UPLINK: multiplier based on a passive reflective mixer.


The circuit is designed to be fully compliant with ETSI EN 300674, ETSI 200674 and Italian norms.



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