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CHP4010-99F a new X-Band phase shifter

UMS publishes a 6-bit digital X-Band phase shifter, the CHP4010-99F (7-9GHz). This product is proposed in bare die.


The CHP4010-99F circuit exhibits a high phase accuracy with a RMS phase error of 1.5°,  a phase shift range of 0-360° and a phase shifter step of 5.625°.

The CHP4010-99F features a P1dB of 26 dBm, 9dB insertion loss associated with input and output return losses better than 10dB under all states.



The CHP4010-99F is dedicated to  space communication systems and a wide range of microwave applications.


The circuit is manufactured on UMS proprietary space evaluated GaAs pHEMT process, 0.25µm gate length.


Main features:

  • 7-9GHz 6-bit Digital Phase Shifter
  • RMS phase error: 1.5°
  • 0-360° Phase shift range
  • 5.625° phase shift step
  • Low I/0 return losses (all states)
  • I/O reversible
  • P1dB : 26dBm


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