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CHA8262-99F, the New UMS GaN HPA

Designed for your 5G and uplink Satcom applications


The CHA8262-99F is a new UMS GaN HPA covering 27.5-31.5GHz and exhibiting at Psat an excellent Pout of 41dBm and an excellent PAE of 25%. This HPA also features a high linear gain of 24dB and a low consumption of 20V @ 280mA. It benefits from a large operating range from -40°C to 105°C.


The CHA8262-99F is mainly dedicated to satcom uplink and 5G applications.


This product is designed on a UMS proprietary 0.15µm GaN on Sic technology. The CHA82562-99F is proposed in die format

Main features

  • Frequency range: 27.5-31.5GHz
  • Linear gain: 24dB
  • PAE: 25% @ Psat
  • Psat > 41dBm


  • Operating Temperature range: -40 to 105°C
  • Low consumption: 20V @ 280mA
  • Input Return Loss: -10dB
  • Output Return Loss: -8dB

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