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CHA8212-99F,  a very versatile new GaN HPA

The CHA8212-99F is a 8.5-11.5GHz 25W output power X-Band High Power Amplifier.



It  features a 44dBm Pout with a high PAE of 36% at Psat (@Pin=20dBm). This circuit is supplied in bare die.


The CHA8212-99F is dedicated to defence applications and a wide range of microwave applications and systems.

This circuit is manufactured on a UMS proprietary 0.25µm gate length GaN pHEMT process.

Main features:

  • Frequency range: 8.5-11.5GHz
  • Linear Gain: 34dB over 3 stage
  • Pout: 44dBm Pout @ 20dBm Pin
  • PAE: 36% PAE @ 20dBm Pin
  • DC bias: 28V @ 0.84A
  • Bare die product


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