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CHA6282-QCB a New GaN Power Amplifier proposed by UMS

This HPA is dedicated to Space and Satcom applications


The CHA6282-QCB is a very versatile GaN Power Amplifier covering 17.3-21.5GHz which presents state of the art features: High Pout of 36dBm,High Linear Gain of 30dB, High linearity NPR >13dB for 33dBm Pout and High PAE of 28% @ Psat. We can also underline  its low consumption of 260mA at 18V.



The product is proposed in a 5x5, 28L MSL3 low cost plastic QFN package.


The CHA6282-QCB is designed on a UMS GaN 0.15µm proprietary technology space evaluated. It is dedicated to Space and Satcom applications.



Key features:

     Frequency band: 17.3-21.5GHz
     Psat: 36dBm
     PAE: 28% @ Psat
    Linearity NPR: >13dB
    Linear Gain: 30dB
    DC Bias: 18V @ 260mA
    QFN 28L 5x5 package

Link to the datasheet

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