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CHA3409-98F a new wideband driver

UMS new CHA3409-98F is a 25-45GHz wideband driver including self-biasing to reduce variation in temperature.

The CHA3409-98F exhibits an excellent  PAE of 19% @ 1dBcomp with 19dBm Pout and a high linear gain of 23dB. This driver, proposed in bare die, is designed to answer your needs for communication, instrumentation and electronic warfare applications.

This circuit is manufactured on a 0.15µm GaAs proprietary process.


Main features:

  • Wideband Driver: 25-45GHz
  • P-1dB: 19dBm
  • Psat: 20dBm
  • Linear gain: 23dB
  • PAE: 19% @ 1dB comp
  • Low consumption: 100mA@4V
  • Chip size: 2x1.3x0.1mm
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