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CHA2368-98F: New 50-71GHz wideband Low Noise Amplifier/Variable Gain Amplifier MMIC for multiple demanding applications


The CHA2368-98F is a wideband LNA/VGA covering 50-71GHz with attractive Noise and Power performance. Please let us highlight its numerous assets:

all ensured by UMS high quality manufacturing.

Its numerous assets make it the perfect solution for Transmit and Receive chain in multiple applications including :

The CHA2368-98F is designed on UMS proprietary 0.1µm pHEMT GaAs technology and provided in bare die.


Main characteristics:

Frequency band 50-71GHz
Linear Gain 21dB
Gain Control 30dB
Noise Figure 3.5dB

P1dB > 12dBm
Matching > 10dB
DC Bias: Vd 3.3V Id 75mA
Chip size: 2.57 x 1.17 mm²

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