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Amcad makes demo on UMS parts

At EUMW, See Amcad systems live demonstration on UMS parts.


During the EuMW (8-10 September in Paris), Amcad, provider of advanced solutions and tools in test and modelling to the RF and microwave IC market, will make live demonstration of its measurement systems using our CHK015A-QIA power GaN product as well as other GH50 and GH25 devices. The demonstrations will consist in demo of:


  • IV and S-parameters in pulsed mode,
  • Load pull power measurement,
  • Pulse IV system in combination with Microsan JNT210 thermo reflection system


The CHK015A device is a UMS High Power GaN 15W packaged transistor:


  • High power: > 15W
  • High drain efficiency: up to 70%
  • Wide band capability up to 6GHz frequency


These demonstrations will be done on Amcad booth A204 and Maury Microwave booth E111F (more information).


It will also be the opportunity for you to visit UMS booth 314 where will be pleased to present to you our latest productions and innovations.

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