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A new powerful GaN X-band HPA

The CHA8312-99F exhibits 17W output power with a high PAE of 50%.



This 8-12GHz High Power Amplifier features also an excellent linear gain of 26dB.

CHA8312-99F Linear Gain versus Frequency
CHA8312-99F Linear Gain versus Frequency
Ouput Power Versus frequency



One other asset of this circuit is that it is an excellent solution for numerous applications such as Defence, radar, test equipment and communication.



It is designed on a 0.15µm GaN HEMT proprietary technology.


CHA8312-99F PAE versus Frequency
AM-PM versus Input Power

Main characteristics:

  • Frequency range: 8-12GHz
  • PAE: > 50% @ 23dBm Input Power
  • Linear Gain: 26dB
  • Pout: 42.5dBm @ 23dBm Input Power
  • Return losses:        Input RL  >17dB
    Output RL >11dB
  • DC bias: 20V@320mA
  • Chip size: 3.99mmx3.12mmx0.07mm
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