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The CHA3656-FAA is a 5.8-16GHz two-stage self-biased wide band monolithic Low Noise Amplifier in an SMD hermetic package.

Updated in May 2019 - Change to FAB package


This circuit exhibits an excellent noise figure of 1.75dB and a very low consumption of 70mA@3.3V. It also features a very good OIP3 of 25dBm and a gain of 20dB. It benefits from 3 biasing options; 1 standard and 2 additional for more flexibility.


This product is designed on an internal GaAs 0.25µm process (Space evaluated by ESA EPPL).


It is suitable for space communications and a wide range of applications, such as C, X, Ku radar, test instrumentation and hi-rel applications.

Performance summary:


  • Frequency range: 5.8-16GHz
  • Noise figure: 1.75dB
  • OIP3: 25dBm
  • Gain: 20dB
  • P-1dB 14.5dBm
  • DC bias 70mA@3.3V
  • Hermetic package: 6x6mm
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