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EUMW 2018

UMS will be present at the EUMW show in Madrid – 23-28 September 2018


Exhibition: 25-27 September 2018


We will be pleased to welcome you on our booth #125. During the 3 days, you can meet with UMS representatives to discuss your needs and see our latest innovations in product and foundry services.


Conferences: 23-28 September 2018


UMS will also actively participate to the EUMW show with the presentation of papers and through participation to various workshops and conferences:


Sunday 23rd of September

  • 09:00 –18:20 (WS-01) – Workshop on: GaN HEMT Characterization and Modeling for micro and mm Wave Power Amplifier application

“Recent Development in GaN on SiC RF Power Technologies” – Didier Floriot, UMS


  • 14:20 –18:20 (WS-03) – Worskhop on Current Trends in Broadband, Efficient and Linear PAs for 5G Wireless applications

“Broadband & Packaged 5G High Power Front-End for 28GHz Solutions” – Mohammed Ayad, UMS


Monday 24th September

  • 8.30-8.50 (EuMIC01) – Session Millimeter-Wave GaN Devices and MMICs and Thermal Reliability Considerations – Chair: Dimitris Pavlidis, Boston University – Co-chair: Didier Floriot, UMS

“Industrial 0.15-μm AlGaN/ GaN on SiC Technology for Applications Up to Ka Band” – Valeria Di Giacomo-Brunel, Estelle Byk, Christophe Chang, Jan Grünenpütt, Benoit Lambert, Guillaume Mouginot, Daniel Sommer, Helmut Jung, Marc Camiade, Philippe Fellon, Didier Floriot, Hervé Blanck, Jean-Pierre Viaud – UMS

  • 14.10-14.30 (EuMIC06-2) – Session Power Amplifier ICs

“Three Stage 5-18.5 GHz High Gain and High Power Amplifier Based on 0.15 μm GaN Technology”
Mehdi Dinari, Guillaume Mouginot, Estelle Byk, Valeria Di Giacomo-Brunel, Christophe Chang, Laurent Brunel, Marc Camiade – UMS


Tuesday 25th September

  • 13.30 -15.30 (EuMC/EuMIC04-5) – Interactive Session

“A Three-layer Resist Process for T- and Γ-gates in High Electron Mobility Transistor Fabrication”
A collaboration between III-V Lab (J.-C. Jacquet, S. Piotrowicz, Sylvain Delage), University of Ulm (F. Scholz) and UMS (Sandra Riedmüller, Christophe Chang, G. Callet, Jan Grünenpütt, Hervé Blanck, M. Madel)

  • 15.10 – 16.00 EuMC/EuMIC03 Session : – Si-Based Amplifiers.

“Mixed technologies packaged high power frond-end for broadband 28GHz 5G solutions”
Mohammed Ayad, Philippe Auxemery, Pascal Poilvert, Anne-Marie Couturier, Laurent Marechal – UMS

  • Foundry session (Details to come):

Participation of Eric Leclerc with other key representatives of RF and microwave semiconductor foundries.


Wednesday 26th September

  • 9.30-9.50 (EuMC20-4)

“50% High Efficiency X-Band GaN MMIC Amplifier for Space Applications”
A collaboration between ESA (Robert Dionisio) and UMS (Anne-Marie Couturier, Nicolas Poitrenaud, Véronique Serru, Jean-Jacques Fontecave, Marc Camiade)

  • 10.00-16.00 RF and Microwave Power Amplifier (PA) forum

Participation of Eric Leclerc (Paper subject to be communicated)


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