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A new switch: the CHS8618-99F

The CHS8618-99F is a GaN reflective SPDT switch.

It exhibits:

  • High input P-1dB: >42dBm
  • Low insertion loss: 1.3dB
  • Switching speed: 30ns (tested up to Pin 40dBm)


This product features -25V/0V control voltage.

The CHS8618-99F is designed for a wide range of applications from Defense to radar and commercial communication systems.


It is designed on a UMS internal GaN 0.25µm pHEMT process.



  • Frequency range: 6-18GHz
  • IP1dB: >42dBm
  • On station insertion losses: 1.3dB
  • Pin Max: 42.7dBm
  • Switching speed: 30ns
  • Control voltage: -25V/0V
  • Chip size: 1.65×2.18×0.1mm
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