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The CHA8710-99F a X-Band HPA

UMS has introduced the CHA8710-99F, a 8.5-10.5GHz 2 stage X-band High Power Amplifier.

The circuit features:


  • High power: 25W
  • Excellent PAE: 44%
  • High gain: 28.5dB
Pout, PAE

This product is designed for a wide range of applications from Defense to radar and commercial communication systems.


Output power versus frequency


  • Frequency range: 8.5-10.5GHz
  • Ouput power: 25W
  • PAE: 44%
  • Linear gain: 28.5dB
  • DC bias: 25V@0.75A
  • Chip size: 5.1x4.2x0.1mm



Output power versus frequency
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