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CHT3029-QEG a new attenuator

The CHT3029-QEG is a wide band, DC-31GHz, 4 bit attenuator which exhibits a high dynamic range of 15dB (1dB step) across the whole frequency band combined with a low amplitude error (RMS attenuation error <0.5dB).



The CHT3029-QEG has a low insertion loss of 4dB @ 20GHz and 8dB @ 31GHz with typically input and output return losses better than 12dB. A CMOS and TTL compatible interface is available on the chip.


Main features:

Attenuation versus state


Frequency range: DC-31GHz
Insertion loss: 4dB@20GHz / 8dB@31GHz
RMS atten. error: 0.5dB
Peak atten. error: +0.4dB
Return Losses: 12dB
Dynamic range: 15dB
Control voltage:  0/+3.3V or 0/+5V
DC Bias: V+=+5V / V-=-5V
Package :  QFN 4×5




RMS attenuation error versus frequency



It is designed for a wide range of applications from Defence to commercial communication systems.


This product is manufactured on a .25µm gate length GaAs pHEMT process.







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