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The CHA8610-99F a new GaN HPA

UMS is enlarging its GaN offer with the new CHA8610-99F 8.5-11GHz X-band High Power Amplifier, featuring a 15 to 18W output power with a high PAE of 40% at Psat.

The product is supplied as a bare die.


Main features:

Frequency range: 8.5-11GHz
PAE:  40% @ Psat
Linear gain:  24dB
Psat:  15W
Biasing: 30V@0.68A (quiescent)
Chip size:  5.08 x 2.75 x 0.10mm


This circuit is designed for a wide range of applications including military and commercial communication systems.


This product is manufactured using a 0.25µm gate length GaN pHEMT process.




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