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UMS participation to ESREF 2020

UMS participated to the 31st ESREF event beginning of October 2020.

ESREF is a European Symposium on Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis.

In the frame of the session on “the reliability of microwave devices and circuits”, UMS has presented its work on “0.5µm GaN RF power bar technology space evaluation” by Jerome Van de Casteele, Hannes Stuhldreier, Diane Bouw, Cyril Gourdon, Marianne Raoult, Erwan Durand, Sebastien Van Den Berghe, Marc Hollmer, Marco Grunwald, Benoit Lambert, Herve Blanck and Andrew Barnes (European Space Agency).

This presentation described the test plan and the main results achieved by UMS for GH50-20 technology. The technology has successfully passed an evaluation program.

The space results tests are summarised: A life time higher than 5E+06 hrs @ 200°C is demonstrated. SEE, TID and DD radhard safe operating areas were defined, and failure rate lower than 8 FIT @ 200°C was determined.

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