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UMS propose a new version of its GH15 GaN technology

New options are now available

GH15 is UMS state of the art 0.15µm GaN technology. This process is proposed in foundry mode.

We are pleased to announce a new version of GH15 with BCB mechanical protection and with high-density MIM capacitor. With this new version, you will be able to realise very compact BCB-protected designs encapsulated in industrial low-cost plastic package.


Typical value

Vt -3,2 V
Power Density 4.2W/mm
Ids+ 1.45 A/mm
Gm 405 mS/mm
VdsDC Up to 25V
NF/Gass 1.5dB / 11dB @ 15GHz
Fmax > 100 GHz
MIM density 175 and 350 pF/mm2

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