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SHIFT – Sustainable Technologies Enabling Future Telecom Applications

UMS is key partner to the SHIFT project

SHIFT KDT JU co-funded project starting Dec 1st 2022 has the aim of reaching four main objectives:


  • Develop new Silicon and GaN Semiconductor Technologies for very high frequencies associated to heterogeneous advanced packaging, achieving better energy efficiency and output power;
  • Develop new platforms associated with these semiconductor technologies, with corresponding tests, characterization, and modelling methodologies needed for very high frequencies;
  • Demonstrate the superior performance of the new semiconductor technologies by innovative and competitive System Demonstrators that will integrate MMICs designed with the developed and proposed Silicon and GaN semiconductor technologies – covering domains for:
    • Wireless network - network access and backhaul - and Fiber Optics telecommunication systems;
    • Satellite communication and Earth Observation systems;
  • Demonstrate the economic and operational impact of these systems while reducing their environmental impact.


Gathering 43 partners, SHIFT aims to make important contributions to the "twin transition", through innovations in component and system technologies for advanced telecommunications. SHIFT consortium will develop innovative semiconductor and packaging technologies and their validation with demonstrators for telecommunication areas such as 5GNR (Beyond 5G) and 6G wireless network access and backhaul, ultra-high speed optical links between servers, satellite telecommunications, and Earth observation. SHIFT will also contribute to environmental and societal concerns, with an analysis of the life cycle of telecommunications products, through their manufacturing chain, their operational use, and their recycling. Finally, SHIFT project supports Europe's will for sovereignty in semiconductors, by accelerating the development and dissemination of new European technologies, and by enabling many young engineers and researchers to train, thanks to the most recent results. Thus, SHIFT is an ambitious project for sustainable development for innovative European companies.


Thanks to his strong background and European leadership in GaAs and GaN technologies, UMS has been chosen to be partner of SHIFT ambitious program. UMS will contribute to semiconductor technology development, High Power GaN Amplifier MMIC design and will provide foundry access to the partners. A 100nm gate length GaN on SiC MMIC technology will be used in SHIFT to cover applications up to Q band. Characterizations and modeling will be performed to release the Process Design Kit - PDK - of the technology necessary for MMIC design.

UMS will design an outstanding high efficiency GaN power amplifier based on Doherty architecture to be combined with a SiGe pre-driver circuit from STmicroelectronics. This PA module, targeting massive MIMO active antenna for 5G, will be integrated in an innovative System in Package approach. Finally in order to realize the different demonstrators designed by the SHIFT’s partners, UMS will give them access to foundry services on its GaN technologies.

More information can be found here.


ACKNOWLEDGMENT: SHIFT receives funding within the Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking (KDT JU) - the Public-Private Partnership for research, development and innovation under Horizon Europe – and National Authorities under grant agreement n° 101096256.

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