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New GaN state of the art transistor: CHK8013-99F

The CHK8013-99F is a new GaN wideband capability transistor covering DC to 10GHz

It exhibits 14W of power and a very good PAE of 70%.


It enables as much as 17dB gain and a consumption as low as 180mA @30V.


Designers can use the CHK8013-99F in Pulsed and operating modes. This product requires an external matching circuitry.

This circuit is designed on an in-house GaN 0.25µm Hemt process.


This general purpose transistor is suitable for a wide range of RF power applications such as Radar and Telecommunication.

Main Features:

  • RF Bandwidth: Up to 10GHz
  • Psat: 14W
  • PAE: 70% @Psat
  • DC bias: Vd up to 30V
  • Pulsed and Operating Modes
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